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We collaborate with our clients to avoid accidents. YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY PARTNER

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Mobile Units

No need for workers to travel.

Occupational Medicine

We are specialists in occupational medicine and nursing with many years of experience.

Industrial hygiene

We carry out specific studies of pollutants in your workplace.


We help you avoid accidents, we help you to be more efficient

Ergonomics and Psychosociology

The study of the work environment is not a trivial aspect of our project.

Self-employed workers service

We have a product designed for you with reduced rates and in a single appointment

smart safety

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine helps you contrast the impact of your company or parts of the processes that are included in your project on the health of your team. Occupational Medicine analyzes the risks and processes identified and analyzed by the other 3 preventive disciplines: Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics-Psychosociology and checks their impact on the health of the people who make up your team, helping to determine or diagnose what possible situations that could cause occupational diseases as early as possible. Occupational Medicine helps promote healthy habits to improve the health of your team

smart safety


We carry out training courses in all areas of occupational and health risk prevention.

Official courses by entities such as CCR, IES, Fed Catalana de Salvamento i Socorrisme.

Training is one of the pillars of our philosophy and way of understanding risk prevention. The preventive culture based on specific and quality training is essential to be able to ensure the policy of reducing accident rates in the workplace and a healthy company culture.

Our courses, held both in our facilities and those of our clients, ensure theoretical and practical training tailored to the needs and/or requirements of our clients.

A trained human team is a healthy and more efficient and effective human team.

A healthy and profitable company, among other factors, has a prepared human team with updated and renewed theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

Most viewed courses

Work at heights and risky activities

Theoretical and practical courses, personalized. Platforms, means of elevation...

Solar panel installers

Personalized theoretical-practical courses to be able to work safely.

Office security

Individualized courses aimed at both people who work in the office and people who telecommute.

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